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  • Santa Claus runs Techington on SAP

    Santa Claus runs Techington on SAP

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  • Top 3 reasons, why the world chooses to offshore IT services to India.

    There are several reasons why the world chooses to offshore IT services to India. Here are the top three reasons:
    1. Cost-effectiveness
    2. Skilled Workforce
    3. Time Zone Advantage
    read the full article, which in-depth explains these top three points..

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  • 10 Game Changing Benefits of Working With an Offshore Boutique SAP Consulting Firm in India

    Working with an offshore boutique SAP consulting firm in India can bring several game-changing benefits to your organization. Here are the top 10:
    1. Cost savings
    2. Access to specialized expertise
    3. Faster implementation and deployment
    4. Customized solutions
    5. Quality deliverables
    6. Scalability and flexibility
    7. Proactive support and maintenance
    8. Innovation and industry insights
    9. Cultural compatibility
    10. Competitive advantage

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  • The Evolution of the CIO Role: From Technology Provider to Strategic Advisor

    As the business landscape continues to evolve, so does the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). In recent years, the CIO role has undergone a significant shift from being merely a technology provider to operating as a strategic advisor, business partner, and enabler of new business models. This transformation has been driven by various factors, including the commercialization of technology, changing customer demands, and the need for………

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  • Rise with SAP: A Comprehensive Guide for CIOs

    SAP RISE is a bundled offering of SAP S/4HANA cloud ERP software as well as SAP infrastructure/cloud services to move your current ERP data to the cloud with less risk to your data. Unlike SAP’s previous HEC (HANA Enterprise Cloud) offering for S/4HANA, SAP RISE offers a bundled set of products meant to accelerate your move to the cloud that can be used on a hyperscaler of your choice, such as AWS, Azure, or……..

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  • Digital Innovation with SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)

    SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a unified environment that brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration capabilities. It empowers organizations to leverage the full potential of SAP applications and non-SAP data, enabling them to make informed decisions, drive continuous innovation, and deliver personalized experiences to their users.
    With SAP BTP, businesses can

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  • “Learn from the Painful Mistakes: 10 Lessons You Need to Know About ERP Implementation Disasters”

    Implementing SAP is a complex and challenging process that can have far-reaching consequences for any organization. It requires careful planning, execution, and management to ensure that the system is implemented successfully and delivers the expected benefits. Unfortunately, there have been many instances where SAP implementation projects have failed, resulting in significant losses for the organizations involved. In this article, I will share ten major SAP implementation failure stories and the lessons we can learn from them. From poor planning and inadequate testing to unrealistic timelines and lack of user adoption, these case studies provide valuable insights into the pitfalls and challenges of implementing SAP. By understanding these failures and their underlying causes, we can avoid repeating the same mistakes and increase our chances of success in future SAP implementation projects. Join me as we explore these stories and uncover the key lessons that can help us navigate the tricky waters of SAP implementation.

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  • The Battle for Talent: How CIOs Can Overcome Acquisition and Retention Challenges [+ Strategies]

    Discover how CIOs can overcome the challenges of talent acquisition and retention, including skills shortage and changing skill requirements. Learn strategies such as partnering with offshore consulting firms and providing robust training programs

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  • Avoid these 5 common mistakes to ensure your SAP project’s success

    SAP projects are complex and can be challenging, but they are essential for streamlining and automating business processes. Unfortunately, many projects do not achieve their full potential due to common mistakes made during implementation. In this article, we will discuss five common mistakes that you should avoid to ensure your SAP project’s success.

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  • Unlocking the Success of Your SAP Project: Why a Skilled Project Manager is Critical

    Implementing a successful SAP project can be a challenging and complex task. With multiple stakeholders, evolving technology, and tight deadlines, it’s crucial to have a skilled project manager who can lead the team to success. In this article, we will discuss the essential skills and qualities that an effective project manager must possess and why they are critical to the success of your SAP projects.

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