IRS | Integrated Recruitment System

IRS | Integrated Recruitment System on SAAS with annual fees of $24 under development, currently in beta stage under controlled environment

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True Cast | Demand Forecasting Engine based on AI-ML-CI platform

TrueCast is a state of art  advanced analytics built on AI-ML-CI platform, most notably used for demand forecasting and has proved results against the standard forecasting based on 72 Heuristic

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Your Name | IT Virtual Offshore Captive Centre

IT Virtual Offshore Captive Centre – 5 to 100 seater captive offshore center with on-demand & flexible scale-up and scale-down options

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Thankyou Spectr. Labs, for supporting us with immediate provisioning of skilled consultant from offshore during pandemic in our SAP implementation for our client

Didier Forton
Didier Forton
Program DirectorProgram Director, Forton Consulting Belgium

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